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By Reporter

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said among Government's plan to strengthen the agricultural sector and sugarcane crop for the production of sugar, they also plan to start major projects including Mkulazi sugarcane farm that will involve the people.

He said this at the end of the week when he toured the farm project and witnessed the progress made on the construction of Mbigiri sugar factory in Morogoro, and said when they decided to take the land for sugarcane farming the aim of the Government was to involve the people to enable them continue with farming

"Your land is good for sugarcane farming and those that are here is good to farm according to the land requirements, we have brought Mkulazi which is jointly owned by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) under the Prime Ministers Office and Prisons," he said.

He said President Samia Suluhu Hassan's strategy is to ensure she improves the enviroment that will ensure the economy grows especoally that of individuals through work.

According to him, the government continued to coordinate through coordination with Mkulazi executives to identify best options of growing sugarcane that will make it easier for farmers to access land, transport, seeds and water that will enable them become major growers of the crop

He noted that opportunity to improve individual economy through sugarcane farming was there and the Government aimed to ensure peoples income improved and their poverty eradicated.

"I said this yesterday (at the end of the week) to grape growers and now to you sugarcane growers to understand how the Government under President Hassan aims to ensure that everyone improves their own incomes and that of the nation," he said.

According to him, one of the Government's vision is to involve the people so that they can access land for farming because markets will be available ones the construction of Mbigiri sugarcane factory is completed because all their crops will be brought and the current decision to transport sugarcane to Mtibwa factory will remain for emergency only.

He said land that was given to investors and not yet developed will be divided amongst the people for farming especially sugarcane crop which will soon have reliable markets.

In another development, Hon. Majaliwa was impressed after he was informed that a team of youths were trainined since the commencement of the industry construction and will receive machines

to continue with the work.

He said normally the machines were fixed by foreigners but with the current procedure local.youths will gain expertise and take over.

The CEO of Mkulazi Company, Selestine Some, said they held a meeting with sugarcane growers who had difficulty getting cars into their fields but the company took over their challenge and has improved 12 kilometers of roads to help get the cane out of the field.

Some thanked the sixth phase Government for its efforts in assisting the factory to start production and explained the area where the sugarcane has been cultivated about 2,705 hectares. For his part, the Member of Parliament for Mikumi Province, Denis Lazaro, praised the Government for the efforts it is showing to farmers, said the sugarcane crop is important and an opportunity for the people of Morogoro Region, especially from Kilosa District as it is their source of income. Hon. Abubakar Damian Asenga who is the Member of Parliament for Kilombero Province said the pace of factory expansion has affected many people so he now asked the Government to focus on further strengthening cooperatives especially sugarcane