This benefit is paid to an insured person who sustains injury or contracts occupational diseases as a result of his/her employment.

Qualifying Conditions

  • The member must have been registered by the Fund as an insured person even if no contribution was remitted.
  • The member must be incapacitated or disabled as a result of his/her employment/in the cause of his/her employment.

Benefits Payable

i. Cash Benefit
  • Temporary Disablement Benefit (TDB)

The benefit payable is 60% of the Average Insurable Daily Earnings (AIDE) determined from the last six months’ contributions prior to the month of accident/disease.

TDB is payable for a maximum period of 26 weeks from the date of the accident/disease. Payment does not include the first three days of any incapacity but starts from the fourth day.

  • Permanent Disablement Benefit (PDB)

This is payable after certification from the Medical Board that the member has suffered a permanent disability at the rate of 100%. The amount payable is 70% of the Average Insurable Monthly Earning determined from the last six months’ of contribution prior to the month of accident / disease.

Payment of the PDB shall depend on the extent of disability as described in the Employment Injury Regulations.

ii Provision of artificial limb(s)

In order to enable an insured person to resume work or gain improved rehabilitation the Fund provides artificial limbs if deemed necessary which are available in the country on the recommendation of an approved Medical Doctor.

iii Death Benefits

Where an insured person dies as a result of an employment injury before a claim for Employment Injury Benefit is filed, the disability will be assumed to have been 100% and survivors will be paid a pension equal to 60% of the deceased person’s Average Insurable Monthly Earnings.

If the survivors are eligible to another survivors’ benefi t under the NSSF Act, they shall be entitled to receive a benefit that is higher of the two or more.


Frequently Asked Questions

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